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Role of Green Tea in Our Body:

Green tea helps us in many ways in our daily life. As per the scientists Green tea has been shown to inhibit lipolysis, the process by which dietary fats (triglycerides) are broken down in the body. Inhibition of the breakdown of triglycerides prevents absorption of the fat, thereby ensuring you don’t gain much weight. The presence of antioxidant polyphenols in tea helps in reducing stress & widening arteries which is a good thing as it leads to reduction in cholesterol levels & decreasing blood pressure. Polyphenols in green tea can also help regulate glucose in the body. So next time you brew your tea avoid adding additives like sugar & milk to get the maximum advantages in the fight against Diabetes.

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Amazing Uses of Used Tea Leaves

Uses of Brewed tea leaves : Tea apart from being one of the most consumed beverages has rather nice uses after it has done its work. 1. Tea adds nutrients to the soil: Tea leaves contain tannic acid and nutrients that are natural fertilizers for a garden. As the tea leaves decompose, they release nutrients into the soil, creating a healthier growing environment. 2. Tea increases the decomposition of other items: If you are using tea leaves in your soil or compost pile, the acid in the tea can speed up the decomposition process of other items in the compost bin, which means you can use the compost faster. The same compost can be used to grow your own vegetable garden or flower nursery. 3. Reduce...

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Better Memory with Green Tea

Better Memory with Green Tea   The human brain is one of the most complex machines in the world. It is said that the processing speed of the human brain would put supercomputers to shame. However as it happens with most machines wear & tear eventually causes it to work less efficiently. Like the rest of your body, your brain changes with each passing year. From the time we are infants, our brains area are adapting, learning, making memories and more. However the less desirable effects of the march of time can be felt too. Ever had a problem remembering where you kept your car keys ? The brain’s aging process begins as we hit our late twenties. We begin losing...

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Healthy, pure and delicious spices & tea for you!

East 2 West Supply is your online store for your healthy premium spices and pure tea. We bring most exotic tea and spices from the heart of India. Our spices are handpicked directly from the farms of India to fit the highest standards of quality and packed under the most stringent quality control technique. These spices are pure, authentic and mouth watering, making a real difference in the kitchen. Try our spices today and satisfy your soul and your taste buds. Our Oolong, White, Black and Green tea are very special for all tea lover. Coming straight from the World famous tea garden in Darjeeling, India. These are pure tea and full of aroma and unbeatable flavor. You will not find these tea and...

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