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bengal fish curry
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Bengal Fish Curry

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This is a traditional Bengali Fish recipe from West Bengal, India made with Bass fish with bones in and cooked with delicious spices from East 2 West Supply. The juicy spicy gravy goes very well with white rice and a must try dish.

Size: 2-ps or 4-ps or 6-ps or 12-ps Bass Fish fillet per order

Customer Reviews

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shilpa sawant
Yummiest Bengal Fish Curry

I have ordered Bengal Fish Curry from East 2 West Supply umpteen number of times. Whenever I don't feel like cooking but want homestyle and yummy food, my default to go place is East2West Supply. Being a fish lover, the Bengal fish curry is always on my order. It is spiced just right, has very fresh fish and veggies and is a generous serving size. We manage to have a sumptuous meal every time we order it. The food is freshly prepared and delivered to your door. What's not to like?

Swati Nigam
This was absolutely yummy!

I ordered from east2west for the first time and ordered this. This was absolutely delicious!


Very tasty.