Home Made Indian Food

If you are tired of cooking or Don't have time for cooking or Having a dinner party for your Families and Friends, please contact us. We can prepare the following fresh Indian food dishes as per your order within 24-hours and deliver to your doorstep FREE.

Please order from our Home Page or Products Page.

All sizes come in a 12oz container.


Dahi (Yogurt) Chicken (Boneless)

Dal (Lentil) Chicken (Boneless)

Lamb (Boneless) Curry

Shrimp Curry 

Egg (Omelette) Curry

Chicken Biryani

Shrimp Biryani



Dhoka Curry

Chickpea Curry

King of Dal

Spinach Paneer

Aloo Gobi (Cauliflower)

Posto (Poppy seed) Curry

White Basmati Rice


Whole Wheat Roti (Tortilla/Chapati)