About Us

Who are we?

East 2 West Supply is a Western Regional MSDC certified Minority owned online store for your healthy premium spices, fresh homemade Indian food, pure Darjeeling tea and more. We bring the most exotic, pure and fresh spices (both whole & powder) for cooking and baking, as well as healthy tea (white, green & oolong) straight from the Darjeeling tea estate in India.

Our spices are handpicked directly from the farms of India to fit the highest standards of quality and cost. These spices are pure and authentic and making a real difference in the kitchen. Our spices will bring back your home kitchen memory with mouthwatering aroma.

Our tea considered a pick me up liquor, ideal to be sipped at anytime before and after lunch. Our green tea, oolong tea and white tea are a visual delight of pale green leaves, delicately interwoven with silver streaks; the teas are abundantly rich in antioxidants and has strong revitalizing properties. These are pure tea and full of aroma and unbeatable flavor. 

We make fresh, healthy and delicious Bengal style Indian food and deliver to your doorstep within 24-hours. Our food are very authentic and traditional type which will bring your memory back home. We cook fresh and do not use butter or any greasy products or artificial color or preservatives. We can customize your dish's spice level and prepare your food as per your dietary restrictions.

Spend less time searching for expensive spices, tea and healthy food needs at your local store when you can find everything you need right here at our online store. You place your order from your comfort area today and we will deliver to your doorstep faster than you expect.